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Step into a world of business creation you know is possible.

Hi, I'm Debi O'Brien

This is my journey 

With over 25 years of hands-on implementation as well as top business management experience in communication and direct marketing agencies, I have a capacity to expand, create and enhance business opportunities.

Added to conventional business experience I have been immersed in the last 4 years in the Joy of Business philosophy. Connecting with a whole new mindfulness of future business possibilities. What can be changed when we choose alternative ways of looking at business creation. Beyond judgement, failure and problems, creation of commerce and business becomes real.

Connecting every aspect of your business by focussing your energy where it matters. 
I have experience in managing clients, building support systems, activating projects, finance or budget control plus system planning. Growing agencies from one-man starts ups to small- or medium businesses. It's all an evolution. 

Why The Business Web 

I have always been intrigued by the intricacies and dynamics of connections in the structure of every Spiders Web. 

Creating business resonates with this analogy for me as I see the correlation of strength, uniqueness, ability to rebuild, flexibility to adapt and simply never see failure as an option but always the possibility to engage with the environment and energetics of everything around you to grow. 

My experience is in building connections in various aspects of personalised marketing, advertising & campaign creation. Through tactical launches, promotions and customers engagement to build lasting connections to create impact in business and brand engagement for your products and service.

Understanding what works when using creative business strategy, project management, people tools, team expansion, customer connections, team integration and staff mentorships while creatively managing expansive business & communication solutions.

Knowing that at the heart of any idea Connections Really Matter and application of these principles work.

Anything is Possible!