Step into a world of creation - what do you know is possible?

Hi, I'm Debi and this is my journey. 

With over 25 years of hands-on implementation as well as business management in communication and direct marketing agencies, I have a capacity to expand, create and enhance business possibilities. 

Complementing my 'conventional' experience I have been immersed in the last 6 years in the Energetics of Business, connecting with new mindfulness of future business possibilities. What can we change when we choose alternative ways of looking at business creation. Beyond judgement and stress, failure and problems, transformative and empowerment can bring a new level of potency and creation into your life and business. 

Connecting every aspect of your business by focussing your energy where it matters. 
My target is to share my experience in managing clients, building support systems, activating projects, finance or budget control plus system planning with anyone looking to create their future in business. Growing agencies from one-man starts ups to small- or medium businesses. It's all an evolution. 

”Over 20 years in SME advertising & direct marketing agencies building campaigns, growing teams, managing financials plus supporting client and business growth.” 

- Creative & Strategic Thinker

” 5 years as an energetic wellness practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars / Body Process Facilitator plus consultant for online wellness and life coaches.” 

- Business Growth Facilitator

”Lifetime knowing anything is possible, business should be stress free, connections are what matter and choosing a happy life can be a gift we all receive.” 

- Energetics Connector & Seeker

My Mantra 
"Anything is Possible!"